The Goranson House

This structure was our ultimate experiment in living structure. The residents (ourselves) are not monitored. The cosmology is not that of Cayce/Theosophy which we exploited elsewhere. Instead, we use the much more complex and ambiguous cosmology of Thomas Harriot. (Harriot devised the first algebraic logic, based — he said— on insights gleaned from wintering with Algonquian priests in 1584-5, probably, on the very spot occupied by the house. These insights fed Galileo, Kepler, Descartes, and are characterized by a “soft“ metalogic dropped by Descartes.)

The primary structure is the living structure based on wave mechanics with allusions to mentor Bruno‘s hermetic mnemonics, colleague Shakespeare‘s kabbalistic introspective devices, Algonquian notions of chance and vision, and modern topologic symmetries. The main structure are reverse trusses constructed of first-growth pine salvaged from an old, local structure. These likely were living when Harriott was, and since they are long-leaf pine they must have been germinated by an Indian hunting fire.. Over the second story is an interlinked tensile truss.

The secondary structure is for work. It is a truncated icosohedron, supported by internal cables, with placement of internal floors and cables according to Joyce‘s Vican cosmology (which in turn references Harriot.) This studio has some roof folding and perimeter cuts based on the Bessel functions of the living portion. The two structures are related by minimal surfaces. Outbuildings include the chicken coop [More] previously shown. The edge dimension is the basic unit for the house project and the hyperbolic parabaloids there are those used also to link the house and studio. Other outbuildings are a cube and icosohedron with the same edge dimension, just as a joke. Kepler‘s notion of atoms as nested polyhedra is honored.

The house employs several practical system innovations. The passive solar is supported by an engineered thermal mass “tuned“ to engineered day/night circulation flows. Heated floors; flexible tiles; floor drains. Segregation of gray and black water; rainwater collection. Fairly complex hot water system. 4 fireplaces (3 of which are Rumsford) plus woodstove. Summer breeze is funneled and amplified to the porch, which serves as a winter buffer.

Outsidea South side

Outsideb Newly built

Outside Curved trusses


Outside2 Chicken Coop on left.


Outside4 North side.



LivingRoom Livingroom looking east. Front door is left of center.

LivingRoom1 Livingroom looking west. Dining area past the fireplace to the right. Kitchen is though the "window" arch to the left of the fireplace. Above it is a shuttered "window" to a bedroom.

KitchenDining Kitchen looking south, circa 1980.

KitchenDining1 This is a detail of the kitchen from the center of the photo above. The "window" to the livingroom is to the left.

KitchenDining2 Counter in the kitchen.

Twenty-eight photos of the inside (primarily downstairs in the main house) [Here].

One hundred and twenty-eight photos from different eras, walking around the house [Here].

Architectural Studies
Ted Goranson